Park and Playground


On behalf of the of Park and Playground Committee and the Cameron Heights Community League we are happy to announce that Playground Construction has officially started!!
Please be extra careful as equipment will be coming and going from the site as construction proceeds. 
Residents are asked to stay out of the fenced security area and away from equipment - this is for our safety. Please discuss safety and the dangers associated with construction site areas with children who are old enough to play outside unsupervised.
The area will be fenced off until the playground is completed next summer. We don't have an opening date as so much is dependent on the fall and spring weather.
Contractors will be working furiously to get as much work done as possible as long as the weather permits this year. They plan on working 6 -7 days a week starting at 7:30 or 8:00 am and a bit later on Sundays.
We apologize in advance as noise and equipment can be disruptive in our normally quiet neighbourhood.